About Me

After many years studying every day (and every night) the evolution of the different markets, the use (and abuse) of financial instruments, the different methods and tools of analysis and stock prices, different platforms and handlings, and any kind of technique, tactics,tricks, ideas, strategies … reached to our hands, eyes and ears I have decided, finally, to overturn the result of all this knowledge in the Internet.

Hundreds of ideas, assumptions, techniques, assumptions, approaches, findings should not continue moth-eaten at the bottom of the drawer. All information derived from thousands of hours of testing and demos, thousands of dollars lost trading with real money, refining techniques, gathering data, writting results, … could not be neglected.

Now I am exposing all this through my website www.tradingrafa.com. And I does it to help you get success in Forex trading, offering a diametrical view entirely different from what could be found in other places.


Rafael Jiménez Tocino (web personal: www.RafaelJimenezTocino.com)